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General informations

Mosquito Ranch Outfitting

Mosquito Ranch Outfitting, located in Meadow Lake, provides you with the opportunity to harvest a black bear from the wilds of northern Saskatchewan. A province of Canada, located in the heart of the Canadian Boreal forest. The area in which we hunt is approximately 35.000 Hectares and has a wide variety of terrains. From farm lands to swamp lands. Black bears are well adapted to all types of habitat.

We do the majority of our hunting in heavily forested areas which contain trees such as Aspen, White and Black Spruce, Larch, Willow and a variety of other species. These forests are very dense, therefore we do our hunting over a feeding station to supply our clients with the best possible chance of success. To get to most of the areas all terrain vehicles (ATV’s) are used, which is an adventure in all its own. Some of the areas are located as far as 50km from the main accommodations. A combination of 4x4 pick-up trucks and ATV’s are used to reach these areas.

Black bear season begins mid April and runs through the end of June. We book our hunts from the middle to the end of May. This insures that it is late enough all bears are out of hibernation but early enough that the bears still have the thick fur coats that make them such a wonderful trophy. We do our hunting for black bears late afternoon to evening with most bears being harvested right before sunset. After having lunch at main camp we will leave with you to a preselected hunt site. A snack is provided for those who wish to have. Normally arriving at the hunt station between 14:00 and 16:00. From this time you will sit until sunset when you will be picked up and returned back to camp. In some circumstances hunters have also hunted the early morning hours. This is in cases when the bears are hard to find. In these cases you will be taken to the hunt station before sun up and picked up again for lunch. Where in you will have a short break before heading back to the hunt station. Normally hunting the afternoons to evenings is sufficient to harvest a black bear.

With a very high success rate and a bear population that exceeds 40.000 in Saskatchewan, we expect that you will have every opportunity to be taking a trophy black bear home with you. In the case of non success it has only been the matter of wounded animals not being found. Or clients passing on bears waiting for something more interesting to them. We have never had a client go home without seeing a black bear.

Like mentioned before, hunting occurs over a feeding station. These are clean well prepared feeding stations. The bears are fed a mixture of fresh beaver meat and oats covered in fryer grease from local restaurants. This is a mixture the bears can not refuse, so they become regular visitors to the sites. At the sites we have high seats prepared at different distances. Depending on your choice of hunting weapon. Black bears can be hunted with either rifle(we recommend .270 or larger), compound bow, traditional bow, or cross bow. High seats for bow hunting are set at 20-30 meters. Rifle seats are set anywhere from 20-80 meters. No matter the distance, hunting such an animal will always get even the most seasoned hunter very excited.

Getting here

To get to Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada we ask that you fly into Saskatoon International Airport(YXE). Here you can either rent a car or we are more than willing to provide a pick up and drop off. From Saskatoon you will endure a 3 1/2 hour drive to the hunting camp. Many of our hunters prefer a rental car so they have a sense of freedom while here. From camp it is a 35km drive to the nearest city, Meadow Lake. In the city you can find all services and amenities.

To fly to Canada you will need a valid passport.

Map Canada Meadow Lake Map Mosquito Ranch


For hunting Black bear there are a number of weapons you can use. Compound, long and cross bows can all be used. Rifles, we recommend over a .270 calibre, can be used. As the hunter, you will be in charge of importing all weapons into Canada. If, to make things easier we can provide rifles to those who wish to travel without their own rifle. Shotguns and black powder can also be used.(We can not provide black powder).


As per regulation. When hunting with rifle, shotgun and black powder, hunters must be dressed in regulated colours. Red, Orange or white. Also head wear of the same colours must also be worn. When hunting with a bow full camouflage is permitted. It will be mid May when you are in northern Canada. So this means the weather can be very unpredictable. Be sure you bring warm clothing because the evenings are still very cold. Please be sure to bring waterproof hunting boots.